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The RULE Sciences .NET! Is in development! Theory of is established as part of the netwoprk topography for the home of the online discussions regarding the RULE sciences.

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Time Light,
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RULE Sciences,
Founded in 2020

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Theory of,
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Update! The extensible and Modular sections have been updated for accuracy. Monthly Seminars are being updated. These section help to understand how pieces fit with the theory or are otherwise evaluated for accuracy and use. These sections (wings) are developing the early presentation and soon more topics will expand on the larger presentation as this build out progresses.

RULE Science (ToR) v2020
Welcome to the birth place of the RULE Sciences!
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas Mira and Maverick! (New Stuff, Solar Sciences, Levitiation R&D for ML/QBI/QT and R2D2.)

RULEing the World with data continuum presence for 4 years! (1st place america!) (right click source for details) The RULE Sciences were established in the year twenty twenty, by god? Actually, a man named god for a dispute. The year is important for its resemblance to a doctors eye chart of visual accuity.
Learn more about Michael in the laboratory and about town.

You can celebrate online at YouTube! By searching for music videos "Rule the World."

Because of the corona virus, the library has cancelled all meeting rooms. I am looking for a new location to give the classroom for the rule sciences. Come explore the types of rule! And learn more about the RULE sciences. The library was a great place to present!


ToR Model v2019
Philosophy of Time and Light
RULE and the Natural Sciences
Piece ToR Piece
ToTLR Model (Time Light Radio)

My Projects

OU (Operating Unit) Quantunnel
OU (Operating Unit) Quantum Bell Inc.
OU (Operating Unit) MarleyLABS

Data Models

Gravity Model (ToR USA)
Space Time Model
Solar Mass Cycle
Solar Water Cycle


Quantum Bell Inc.


Breath of RULE
Rule Sciences
Help me RULE: Physics
Help me RULE: Physical Sciences
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RULE Sciences
JUST FOR FUN: "Is the RULE God or Devil? Under conditions of energy environment measurment that is normal over time, comfort for life is achieved. With conditions of ab-normal energy environment as esposure to the flesh, comes Visions, Demons, Flash Backs, Radio Sickness, PTSD, Tooth Decay, ...

JUST FOR FUN: "Which came first in the universe, the uLINE or the RULE?"

Public Appearance
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Ormond Beach, FL: Library
9/15/2019 (complete)

Ormond Beach, FL: Library
10/15/2019 (complete)

Ormond Beach, FL: Library
11/15/2019 (complete)

Ormond Beach, FL: Library
12/15/2019 (complete)

Ormond Beach, FL: Library
1/15/2019 (complete)

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3/15/2019 (complete)

Ormond Beach, FL: Library

Public Appearance
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Equations and the Universe:

The Science of Belief:
RULE, Arkist, Archist

Extensible ToR Modular

This year has been a celebration of the unknown. Across all the possible reasons, a person might celebrate the birth of the rule sciences in florida and online, their are some encounters that are slightly more memorable than the others. Since the birth of the development as effort to build a scientific foundation for enterprise, i have met aliens, time travellers, time traveling machines, flight drones, artifical life, ghosts, spirits, demons, dieties, angels, and gods. In the first few years, i did not even notice the assortment of respect that the rule sciences has been part of, but have sensed some privalage, with all the preceeding contributions. This thanksgiving, i celebrate several years of telling the rule to persons around the world, that we are developing a science worth every bit of our effort. Since the first draft of the QuanTunnel text book, and presentation of the early titled ToTLR book (theory of time light relativity), the name change of the book to the RULE, and later founding of the and the establishment of americas perspectives of seat for elluminati. 8 years since the first presentation of talk about developing the science for a theory of relativity has spanned more topics than that early requirement, to stay focused on equation. Evaluating the scientific proposition and arguing the rule both online and offline, has an audience of more than 78,000 people looking at the content, on just one of many managed connected sites including topics of developing research for answering GOAL science questions (Government of America Laboratories) (stuff congress or the senators might officially ask for), and answering questions or resolving other applications of the rule. This thanks giving, i am thankful i could establish the RULE sciences in the year twenty twenty of mankind, regardless of how unsorted the stack of precursor work and knoweldge sets might appear for total presentation. Next year, we will have more than 100,000 research attempts, and earn five years of telling man the rule. The anniversary, will be considering issuing the oath of scientific rule, for the compass presentation of five years, a measure of natural science and ethics, from the website. I already try to teach this from Marley Laboratory. The last few years of developing for QuanTunnel, Quantum Bell Inc, and other business or government approaches to understanding the rule and attributed sciences interpetted by equation. + Thanksgiving 2020.

The celebration of christmas this year, is with the lighting for christmas, on our christmas trees in our homes and trees in our yards; only one survives the holidays. Like the stars in the sky have a RULE container, meaning each light emits radio signals and light, and like the lights around town or our home also have a RULE model... this year i consider each light on our christmas trees and decorations also have a RULE container. The celebration of lights. (Christmas problem to solve: keep the trees alive when electricity is put onto them with lighting, in our homes.)

Important First Pieces for assembling a natural Theory of Relativity
  • Build your first Model! A Step by Step Exercise in the basics of a natural relative model for mass, radio, and light.
  • YAY. I Have a new microphone recorder! After taking some other things to god's hill, im ready to start with something new in the classroom section and find a better way to present other topics..
  • The science of RULE and the RLR and ToR model.

Classroom sessions available.
This link offers to date, seven months of recorded classroom presentations.
In the coming year, data will be produced and offered as extra curricular evaluations.


Project in progress, many years. As part of the RULE sciences development, and presentation, im going to be adding real world examples and data to solve some really tough problems using the rule. Here, im going to be using the rule, to collect information on the problem, and further, to correct or otherwsie heal the issues. This data set is going to be used for the rule sciences seminars. CLick here, the RULE of Medicine, Arch of Medicine. Data (This project supports QBI/QT/ML and the problmes worked on enable the oath of science to be better understood.

ToR is now available on ATT, TMobile, and other wireless cellphone services including county and state computer systems of Florida!

ToR v2016, A Natural RULE v2018.1!

An American born perspective for a theory of relativity, the ToTLR (ToR) is celebrating more than 5 years online! And more than 7 years of discovery and development. Model, began unofficial development public prior to 2010, and made a first mention in 2012. And just keeps getting better as it is amended; help learn to open source this model among responsible science and those contributions by participating scientists! Theory of relativity is enjoying over 5 years online!

A successful study of time, radio, and light will discover a natural perspective of Mass and RULE. +Michael Marley

(Radio, uLINE, Light) = Energy, +Michael Marley, American ToR RULE

The first presentation was not nearly complete and needed a lot of work (and still does). The update to the ToTLR Description is amended to State:Theory of Time Radio Light, and to better understand the RULE. After witnessing an event in the sky late in the evening in 2014-2015, while working in Florida, QuanTunnel Model was first described in 2015. Work on the ToR model is offered as a perspective tithed as discovery of the rule over RULE. Information is available as instructed. (ToR) is an Operating unit of Quantum Bell Inc. Do not peak! Discover your own perspective of the RULE. The RULE is Radio, uLine, Light = Energy; This principle of our research group is a grass roots Theory of Relativity research effort. Discovered during more than 5 years of daily Time relative topical pursuits. The RULE discovered is one of the oldest in the Universe, it was here before our star and planets were born; and is what helps to make stars and planets spherical, establishes that stars have shadows, contributes to gravity with similar space time modeling as predicted by classical research and by scientists for trajectories of space bound objects and predictions, helps planets power and retain their atmospheres near this star, and affects the water and mass cycle of the planets of a solar system, and much more! The RULE observation with a uLINE is also possible near each other star in the visible universe of men, and indicates how planets near other stars can also retain an atmosphere. You can contribute to research by contacting Quantum Bell Inc. The RULE is also used to establish a verifiable natural over time for management decisions at the Government level of this and among other nations. It is my intent for other scientists wanting to contribute to the RULE research, to learn methods of understanding and managing according to the oldest RULE in the universe discovered to date.

Would you Like to contribute to RULE research? The Rule sciences are developing and each year has a version indicated an updated status, precision or descriptive change or acceptable format and presentation, and of course, contributions by scientists or other development work. Rule v.001 is a container with use description. Other version are accepted or reworked and present by year.

Download the RULE form and assemble your own perspective! for access to Quantunnel Technician at and ToR | Rule | ToTLR Technician support profiles at . This information must have clearance to access from our company. Please contgact us and apply for access to support environment and other binder materials.

The authorities stated "we have not ruled the problem out," and the scientist later located the energy cross section of an unhealthy rule environment.

Contribute to the RULE Sciences! Ask Questions, contribute, and read about plans for continued development from 2018 through 2020+. Espionage is a crime. Theft is a crime. Send an email or contact MarleyLABS and Quantum Bell Inc. to discuss the projects, ask for information, or otherwise discuss a concern.

Questions about a contractor?

RULEing the World with data continuum presence for 5 years! (1st place America and Michael Marley at and!) With over 30,000 people a year reading about the RULE Sciences nationally and internationally.)

Science Just for Fun

This means I put it into space first! For 5 years, 5 light years from earth, I am first in light radio continuum talking about the RULE... theory of relativity .net website data is bouncing around cell towers and orbital satelites to cellphones and computers each time someone accesses the website and it is boradcast! It is a major concept of rule sciences... with huge volume of space near star, you know... And someday, I develop the larger sciences for others to evaluate and contribute effort of developing the RULE sciences. Questions about the Rule Sciences, ask Michael Marley by emailing the

This model indicates, Marleys RULE (the natural rule) has begun being broadcast to the universe! Like taking over earth people with an equation! It has so far reached the first star 4 light years from earth. In 5000 years, The RULE sciences will have taught the rule to 600,000,000 stars in the local universe, after teaching mankind. This process can not be stopped, it has already started! Keep in mind, the rule is traveling into the universe at the speed of light and radio via my wifi routers, and yours, and other internet access across every nation of earth, with citizens having cell phones.

Science for fun: Rule Sciences Data contiuum modeling, How long until Marley's Rule and the RULE sciences have presence that is larger than the galaxy as first order presentation? Keep in mind, the natural RULE of earth and our star has radius of 4.5 billion light years possible. It took that long for our species as mankind, to figure out the rule? Someday, god might ask me, "Michael, did you try take over earth and the universe with an equation of rule?" What should I answer?

In the year 2040, I celebrate the arrival of the rule sciences at 83 known star systems within the distance from our star known as sun, of twenty light years and containing 109 stars and 8 brown dwarfs in the local area. This means the radio and light from earths broadcasts of the science has reached those areas for celluar phones and radios to listen to the rule! While the process occurs, the rule becomes more complex, and what is demonstrated across distances in space, and information development... knowledge of the rule,,, and more.

Interested in developing the RULE sciences? Help me contribute to the work presented.

Donate to support the study of the RULE Sciences! The RULE sciences have been physically delivered to the local police department, and to NASA's Kennedy Space Center Security Personel on-site in Cape Canaveral, Florida! Email to discuss or join the laboratory work ongoing sinces the 1990s!

Activity 1986-2021+. Copyright Michael Joseph Marley (discovering scientist) and Elluminati (.net) (spelling or character sets vary among peoples and languages), Ormond Beach, FL Volusia County, FL and Flagler County, FL 2012-2021+. To request documentation or analysis, All rights reserved. Marley Laboratory ( and Copyright Michael Marley 2012-2020+. This model is available for teaching the RULE. This website and sciences perspective of rule is dedicated to my children and the rule. Marley's RULE.